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The Decline of the US Postal Service

Building a platform is easier said than done.
Feb | 6 | 2013

Feb | 6 | 2013

platformFairly soon, the U.S. Postal Service will cease delivering mail on Saturdays. It’s expected that the move, “beginning in August, would mean a cost saving of about $2 billion annually.”

But that doesn’t even stop the bleeding. The USPS is losing $25 million/day—an astonishing number.

Do the math. More cuts are coming, and prices of stamps and services will have to increase in order to make the hallowed institution financially solvent.

In the past year, I’ve become more and more familiar with the USPS’s operations. I spoke a PostalVision 2020 last June about the need to build a real platform—and not just talk the talk. Since that time, the USPS has tried to implement “platform thinking”, but I’ve yet to see any real changes or results (at least as a consumer).

Simon Says

Yes, building a real platform takes time. As I point out in the book, it’s also not a panacea for antiquated business models or organizations that are behind the times.

Building a platform is easier said than done.

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