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Publication of Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace

Number 12 is now out. Boom.
Jun | 15 | 2022
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I am pleased to announce that Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace is now available for purchase.

Why give it a read?

Lots of reasons, but here’s a biggie.

As I’m well aware, the existing canon of PM books is substantial. Still, the vast majority of the 60,000 or so texts on the topic dropped pre-COVID. The pandemic changed many things—not the least of which are where, how, when, and why we work.

Those ships have long sailed.

What’s more, to put it mildly, we weren’t that good at managing projects and launching new projects when we all met in person and worked synchronously.

I have written what I believe is a timely, relevant, interesting, and jargon-free text about a vital topic. I also think that it’s my best book to date, and I hope you’ll consider checking it out. 


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