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Chapter 1: The Next Wave of Technologies

Free chapter. Woo hoo!
Feb | 25 | 2010

Feb | 25 | 2010

NWOTClick here to download the first chapter of my next book, The Next Wave of Technologies. The book will be available soon and is already up on Amazon for pre-order. Thanks to John Wiley &  Sons for letting me do this.

What’s this about, anyway?

In the first chapter, I set the stage for the rest of the book and hopefully pique your interest. I discuss companies such as Google, Twitter, and Lawson. I also write about the inflection point at which many organizations find themselves, now that Enterprise 2.0 has arrived. Specifically, SaaS, clouds, open source, and other new technologies have become viable.

Also, you will find the table of contents and, perhaps, will understand why the book isn’t exactly short.

For more on the book, click here.

The Next Wave of Technologies – Chapter 1 by Phil Simon

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