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Reimagining Collaboration 10-Packs Available

Get ten copies of the book for $100.
Jul | 29 | 2021


Jul | 29 | 2021
If I’ve learned anything in my years, it’s that power users are the exception that proves the following rule: Many if not most people use the bare minimum of a system or application’s features.

The same maxim holds true with respect to today’s internal collaboration hubs: Few individuals take advantage of the powerful functionality in Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace.1

Against this backdrop, organizations would benefit immensely if their leaders reimagined how employees worked and adopted the Hub-Spoke Model of Collaboration.

Of course, change management is never easy.

As I know all too well, it’s nearly impossible to get others to alter their entrenched work habits and adopt new behaviors. Put differently, by definition collaboration is a team sport. For individual and organizational change to take place and stick, many things need to take place. For starters, people need to know that there’s a better, more holistic way to work and collaborate.

Change management is never easy.

As luck would have it, there is—and Reimagining Collaboration provides such a way.

I’m betting that you know others who would benefit from reading Reimagining Collaboration and implementing its ideas.2 What’s more, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Specifically, for the next month, I’m offering 10 copies of the paperback version of Reimagining Collaboration for $100 USD (including shipping in the US). Ideally, my book will help your direct reports, colleagues, and organization’s leadership collaborate better.

Get 10 copies of Reimagining Collaboration for $100 for the next ...









  1. I’d bet my house that each vendor’s user data would prove my point in spades.
  2. I certainly wouldn’t have written the book if that weren’t the case.

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