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Agile Analytics

How to quickly find meaningful insights in your data and act upon them.

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Why do organizations possess so much data yet so few true insights into it?

Few intelligent business folks doubt the importance of analytics these days. Paradoxically, though, relatively few firms have moved from theory to practice. Why is this the case?

In this talk, I incorporate lessons from my eighth book Analytics: The Agile Way. I address questions such as:

  • Why have most organizations’ analytics efforts struggled to deliver?
  • Why is it more important than ever to adopt an analytics mind-set?
  • How can Agile methods such as Scrum help our organization quickly find meaningful insights?
  • What can we learn from Google, Nextdoor, Foursquare, and other organizations that have embraced Agile analytics?
  • What are the key mistakes to avoid in adopting Agile methods?