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Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications

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Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications

The future of coding is no coding at all.

—Chris Wanstrath

30-second Pitch

If you haven’t heard of citizen developers, you soon will. It’s no understatement to say that they are rewriting the rules of application development. In this talk, I explain how, why, and what steps you should take to embrace them.


For decades, our relationship with workplace technology has been, in a word, complicated. The pandemic only made it more so.

The stats are astonishing. Two in three employers cannot find qualified candidates to fill their open IT positions. By 2024, the deficit of software developers in the US alone will hit 500,000. Supply and demand for techies are out of whack and, most alarmingly, there’s no end in sight.

The effects of this labor-market imbalance are profound and difficult to overstate. Nearly three in four technology leaders cannot focus on their strategic priorities. Countless other firms, departments, teams, and leaders have struggled because IT can’t deliver the tools they so desperately need. Adding salt to the wound, business units now need new applications to address the logistical challenges posed by pervasive remote and hybrid work.

Brass tacks: Organizations are at a crossroads. They need to solve these thorny tech problems. Now. But how?

In this talk, I draw upon my research and new book Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications. I explain how, thanks to powerful new tools and a new breed of employees, organizations are finally fulfilling critical business needs and reducing their reliance on pricey software developers.

What Attendees Will Learn

In this talk, I cover:

  • How we arrived at this point.
  • Why IT departments are backlogged—and how COVID-19 exacerbated the issue.
  • The history of low-code and no-code tools.
  • Why they are taking off now.
  • Some of the most popular low-code/no-code tools
  • What these tools can and can’t do.
  • The benefits of embracing citizen development.
  • The popular myths around LC/NC tools and the citizen developers who use them.
  • Examples of über-useful apps that citizen developers have built—sometimes in days.
  • And much more.

Talk Variations

In 2023 and beyond, I plan on giving custom versions of this talk for both different industries and different business functions. For example, I envision giving this talk to HR, sales, and operations conferences and events. Ditto for healthcare, retail, and other industries.  


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