Where I fall in the decidedly peculiar world of academia.

Under the guidelines of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), I qualify as a scholarly practitioner. In a nutshell, this means that I continue to contribute research to different fields. What’s more, other academics cite my work as well in journals and papers. (Google Scholar counts nearly 800 citations—and I’m proud of that accomplishment.)

Put differently, I’m a hybrid: I teach more courses than your garden-variety, research-driven, tenured professor. At the same time, I conduct more research more than a pure lecturer teaching a full 4/4 course load. (Here is my latest article from HBR and in 2017 I wrote Analytics: The Agile Way.) As the Venn diagram on the right shows, I concurrently live in both worlds.

Many prominent universities categorize individuals such as me as professors of practice or teaching professors. Both monikers represent a far more accurate description of what people like me than lecturer didmy formal job title while I was at ASU.