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A “Bad” Book Contest

Can you find all of the Breaking Bad references in the new book?
Apr | 15 | 2014

Readers of my site and books know that I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan. Aside from appearing in a commercial and interviewing Jonathan Banks, I recently was able to snag a couple of autographs at an IBM conference a few weeks ago. (See pic on the right).


Click to embiggen.

I was the happiest guy at the conference and, yes, that DVD cover adorns my living room.

In The Visual Organization, I threw in a bunch of allusions to the show, its characters, and even specific lines.

Can you see what’s hiding in plain sight? (Warning: Spoilers). That’s the basis for a little contest: The person who can find the most Breaking Bad references will receive an autographed copy of the book.

Let me warn you in advance: Some are pretty subtle. To enter the contest, just connect with me. Make sure to select “Bad” References. I’ll keep this open until June 1st of this year.


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