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A Favor: Help Me Launch Message Not Received

Would you consider preordering my new book?
Feb | 21 | 2015

MNR3DThis kind of post is rare for me but, then again, I don’t write a proper book that often.

My seventh book, Message Not Received, ships on March 2nd. (Yes, the earlier date was news to me too.) I believe that it’s my best work since The Age of the Platform, and I’d love your help in making the launch as successful as possible.

Over the past six years, I’ve learned a thing or six about the book business. To maximize the chance that a book succeeds early, it’s essential for authors to encourage pre-orders. It signals to booksellers that there’s a great deal of momentum for a particular title. In turn, booksellers order more copies, and the virtuous circle begins.

I’d be so appreciative if you’d consider pre-ordering a copy of Message Not Received today. You can do it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound (independent booksellers). It may seem early to pre-order, but these are critical. Early sales disproportionately impact future sales. To make a long story short, not all book sales are created equal.

Not all book sales are created equal.

If you’re a die-hard e-book reader, I’d be thankful if you ordered an electronic copy. If you are indifferent between the two formats, I’d be especially grateful if you could purchase a hardcover copy. For some odd reason, hardcover purchases are weighted far more heavily in rankings. (No, I don’t understand it either.)

Thanks for your consideration.

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