Google’s Semantic Response to Siri

Understanding the semantic web and Google's forthcoming search overhaul.

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From a recent Fast Company piece:

According to the Wall Street JournalGoogle is poised to make some of the biggest changes ever to its search page behavior. That’s Google’s core business, and it’s garnering a lot of attention because Google essentially is Internet search (and advertising, of course, more on that soon). This is a little like NASA saying it’s going to rethink how it uses rockets. The move is all about bringing semantic technology to the search experience, making Google smarter at answering questions. Except, when you get down to it, it’s really not at all about this.

As I write in the book, platforms collide. Beyond that general observation, don’t be fooled here. Google has been prepping for the semantic web for years. See “Google Squared.” Siri might have upped the ante a bit, but let’s not pretend that the folks at Google needed Siri as motivation. Google is anything but complacent, much like the rest of the Gang of Four.




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