Platforms, Apple, and App Store Anarchy

Platforms present problems. Here's one of the biggest.

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platform450With more than 600,000 apps in the AppStore, it’s getting tougher and tougher for Apple to police its walled garden, as a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article points out. There are even companies now that promise to get your app into highly desirable top-25 lists, potentially increasing the chances of landed venture capital.

Things like this could certainly hurt Apple’s chances of increasing its enterprise penetration. Think of the CIO paranoid about how his or her company’s data may be compromised.

At a high level, all platform companies have had this issue to some extent. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are just some of those hit with challenges from unscrupulous folks trying to game the system. That’s the price to pay in the Age of the Platform.

Perhaps Apple needs to spend some of that $100 billion on some new employees?




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