Big News on My Fifth Book. Think Anchorman.

The cat is finally out of the bag.
Nov | 28 | 2012

Nov | 28 | 2012

I’m pleased to finally spill the beans on my fifth book. Here goes.

I like to think that I pay attention to nascent business and technology trends. Over the last 18 months, I have been intrigued about organizations’ use of Big Data. It turns out that I’m hardly alone. Many organizations of all types are doing fascinating things with the vast amounts of data out there. For instance, President Obama was reelected in no small part to his team’s use of analytics.

Big Data is a very big deal.

I have signed a contract with John Wiley & Sons to publish a book on the business case for Big Data. (We’re still finalizing the title.) I expect the book to come out in March of 2013. The book will be part of the Wiley and SAS Business Series. I suspect that, when all is said and done, the book will contain about 220 pages, give or take.

At a high level, the book will explain why Big Data is a very big deal. More business book than technical guide, it will include several length case studies and many examples of organizations harnessing the power of Big Data in exciting and creative ways.

I’ll keep this site updated with news related to the book, including when it hits Amazon.

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