New Course: How to Build a Platform

Want to learn more about building platforms?

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I am pleased to announce that my new Udemy course is now available.

Course Overview

Why are companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter so successful? What specifically are they doing and, more important, what you can you learn from them? How can I use platforms to benefit my business?

In this 48-minute course, I answer these very questions—and more. In it, I provide specific examples from today’s most successful companies

I first up discuss key terms like platforms, planks, and ecosystems. I tie these relatively new concepts into more traditional business topics, including innovation, leadership, risk management, customer retention, and social media. I also cover the limitations of platforms.

If you think that only large companies can embrace platforms and learn from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, you’re wrong. I should know. I have adopted the management principles from these companies and seen tremendous results.

General management principles are discussed, as well as specific technologies such as APIs and SDKs (at a high level).

Click here to view the course. The price is $39.99.




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