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A Visual Look at the Success of NBA Franchises

Some teams have been remarkably consistent.

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Many Tableau articles and tips use the Superstore example. To be sure, it’s a robust dataset that allows for all sorts of comparisons, charts, calculations. At least for me, though, using a generic dataset is not nearly as much fun. Looking back over my career, that’s been a constant: I’ve tried to enjoy myself every time that I’ve decided to teach myself a new application or programming language.

Along these lines, I grabbed some NBA data from Basketball Reference. It didn’t take long for me to discover the following:

  • The San Antonio Spurs have been crazy consistent over the past 27 years.1
  • The Knicks generally suck but saw some glimmers of hope throughout the team’s history.
  • The Vancouver Grizzlies were historically bad.
  • The best years from the Washington Bullets and Charlotte Bobcats really weren’t that great. 

Go nuts in the following interactive Tableau dataviz:


What approaches do you use when you’re learning a new tool?


  1. Drafting Tim Duncan and David Robinson certainly didn’t hurt.


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