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Smartsheet to Sponsor First Leg of the Message Not Received Book Tour

The chips for the book tour are falling into place.
Jan | 21 | 2015

I’m a big believer in case studies. Show me don’t tell me, to steal from a fantastic Rush song. All of my books contain a minimum of three real-world examples of companies doing the very things that I recommend. Message Not Received is no exception.

In my next text, I rail against the overuse of e-mail. More specifically, there are far better ways to communicate, manage projects, and work than relying on torrents of discrete messages.

During the course of researching the book, I had discussions with more than a few software vendors about how to wean Corporate America off of its crippling e-mail addiction. One of those vendors was Smartsheet. (Its remarkable ability to visualize employee interactions would have made for great fodder in The Visual Organization as well.)

Although a proper case study with the company didn’t work out because of timing issues, I enjoyed our talks. Evidently, the feeling was mutual. Today, I am pleased to announce that Smartsheet has agreed to sponsor the first leg of my forthcoming book tour.

I will be announcing the second sponsor soon—probably next week.

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