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Hello World

I'm entering the world of blogging.
Dec | 16 | 2008

Dec | 16 | 2008

Hello World, as Tiger Woods told an eager room of reporters at a press conference in August of 1996. Yep, I’ll start out by comparing myself to probably the greatest golfer of all time. I doubt that I could take a single hole from him in any kind of competitive format, even with his broken leg. But, I digress …

Like so many millions of others, I’m going to start blogging.

What makes this site unique?

I honestly have no idea. I can’t honestly claim to have perused all of the blogs out there.

I can say, however, without fear of accurate contradiction that this site will offer my demented ramblings on:

  • systems
  • technology
  • writing
  • project management
  • pop culture

I am not attempting to replicate tech-heavy sites such as tek-tips or application-specific ones such as LawsonGuru. Rather, my hope is that this blog will be a useful discussion forum for system-related challenges and all things technology. Thanks for tuning in!



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