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Looking for Endorsements for My Next Book

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Oct | 20 | 2009

Oct | 20 | 2009

nwot450I’m on the lookout for folks interested in an early review copy of my next book for recommendation purposes. Wiley certainly has some resources and connections but I can’t imagine the harm in asking the entire world–or at least those who peruse my site.

Who would be an ideal reviewer, you ask?

  • senior executives such as CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs
  • industry pundits
  • well-known authors, particularly those who focus on technology- and business-oriented subjects
  • journalists in the technology field
  • senior technology professionals
  • other prominent folks

Note that I really need titles and organizations along with names. Translation: If you work for a company, then your legal department may need to be involved. Just fair warning …

Also, Wiley has authorized me to send out an 80 page PDF covering much of the first three chapters of the book. I believe that it’s sufficient to get a flare of the book. If you need more content to put your name behind it, then we can chat.

If you know of anyone with a pretty good title in the tech field (or qualify yourself), then let me know. Thanks in advance.

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