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Why I Wrote Too Big to Ignore

A few thoughts on why I penned a text on Big Data.
Mar | 15 | 2013

Mar | 15 | 2013


As I’m gearing up to do interviews for Too Big to Ignore, I have no doubt that I’ll repeatedly hear the question, “Why did you write this book?”

I never have had one answer to that simple question. For me, it’s always an amalgam of things. For one, I try to stay ahead of business and technology trends—and weed out the fads. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

Social Media Parallels

I couldn’t see writing this book in a year. After all, many books are going to be published on Big Data in 2013. No doubt that the space will become increasingly crowded as the year progresses. When writing a book, the topic certainly matters, but it’s hardly the only—or even the most critical—consideration. Exhibit A: Social media has been a game-changer, but try writing a book on the subject now. The market is saturated and has been for some time now.

Good luck with that.

Based on my background, writing about Big Data isn’t too much of a stretch.

Beyond marketability (always an important consideration for the self-employed speaker guy), I only write about topics that interest me, allow me to learn and push myself, and are adjacent to my current areas of expertise. I know a great deal about technology, business, and data management, so a book about Big Data wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Simon Says

Finally, I ask myself if I’ll be able to speak and consult on the subject. I’d love for the book to sell a gazillion copies, but that’s just not likely to happen. Few business books sell more than 5,000 copies (well under one percent, according to what I’ve heard). Will the book lead to increased visibility and business opportunities? In this case of Too Big to Ignore, I believe that the answer is an unqualified yes.


Why do you write?

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