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Three Ways to Get a Rush From Your Writing

Check out my Men With Pens' guest post.
Jan | 17 | 2010

Jan | 17 | 2010

rushThe good folks at Men With Pens, one of my favorite writing sites, recently ran one of my pieces.


My favorite band is Rush. Always has been. As a kid, it was the music that attracted me, but as I grew older and presumably wiser, I was able to move beyond. I could understand lyricist Neil Peart’s visceral and profound lyrics.

They began to speak volumes to me.

Nicknamed “The Professor”, Neil has written books, penning four incredible texts about traveling, loss, and music. As I began writing books and blogging myself, I developed an entirely new appreciation for Peart’s genius that affects my writing to this very day.

In this post, I share some writing tips that can help scribes of all levels.

For the entire post and an interesting string of comments, click here.


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