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My Second IT Education

You learn so much by working with smart people.
Jan | 20 | 2010

My friend and fellow Wiley author Vinnie Mirchandani writes the popular and well-respected Deal Architect blog. Vinnie covers a vast array of technology-related issues. He recently started a series called “The Real Deal”, allowing IT practitioners to chime in with thoughts on different topics. In this installment, I write about the “real world” IT education that I received working with so many experts on my second book. I also offer a few nuggets from the book on business intelligence, social media, cloud computing, agile software development, and mobile technologies.


A few months after I published Why New Systems Fail, Vinnie was kind enough to review my book on his site. In a post entitled ERP Déjà vu, Vinnie praised the content of the book while offering a few mild criticisms. To paraphrase Vinnie, the book looked backward more than it looked forward. ERP issues have been well documented but not as much is understood about emerging technologies or, as some would call it, Enterprise 2.0.

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