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The New Small eBook Giveaway

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May | 5 | 2011

May | 5 | 2011

A few months ago, I ran a contest in which I gave away a bunch of physical copies of The New Small to bloggers. It worked reasonably well and it’s time to do the same thing with the eBook.


These are pretty straightforward:

  • You run a reasonably well-trafficked blog on topics related to the book.
  • You are active on social media sites.
  • You like to read.
  • You have an eBook reader–e.g., Kindle, iPad, or Nook.
  • You have a PayPal account or another easy means of being paid electronically.
  • Contact me by clicking here. Make sure to select “eBook contest.”
  • I’ll contact you to let you know if you’ve made the cut.
  • If selected, you buy the electronic copy of the book and email me the receipt. (This will save me time and money, get you the book quicker, and kill fewer trees.)
  • I reimburse you for the cost of the eBook.
  • You agree to read it and provide an honest review on your blog in the near future.

Note that I don’t have PDFs or other digital files to send.


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