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Announcing My Next Book: Zoom For Dummies

I'll be penning the definitive guide on today's leading videoconferencing tool.
Apr | 1 | 2020

Apr | 1 | 2020

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

—Sun Tzu

At the risk of stating the obvious, collaboration tools are all the rage right now. We are living in the middle of the greatest remote work experiment in history. Companies and laggards who for years clung to their inboxes are suddenly left with no choice. Yeah, #WFH is a thing.

Against this backdrop, Slack For Dummies couldn’t arrive at a more opportune time. The text would already be out by now but the recent UI change put the kibosh on those plans.1 As I write in Slack For Dummies, Slack plays quite nicely with many third-party apps. Perhaps none is more important and popular today than Zoom.

Image source: NY Times

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the stock has been on fire.

Slack and Zoom complement each other nicely. It’s not uncommon for organizations to pay for both. As I’ve learned over the years, if you think there’s an opportunity to write a book, trust your instincts.

Zoom For Dummies

Brass tacks: Wiley asked me to crank out a definitive guide to today’s most powerful videoconferencing tool and I agreed. Yeah, this will be another book in the For Dummies series. Expect it in July—give or take.

Strike while the iron’s hot, I suppose.

I’ll put up proper pre-order links soon.


  1. It’s coming soon, though.

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