On Euphemisms and Speaking Directly

A look at the (d)evolution of the terms we use.
May | 16 | 2013

May | 16 | 2013

Few people had such command of the English language as George Carlin. While I didn’t always agree with his politics, I admired him immensely as a speaker. To this day, his speaking style informs my own to a great extent.

Watch the first two minutes of this clip and you’ll see what I mean.

Shell shock became post-traumatic stress disorder.

Simon Says

Today, there’s no shortage of horrible jargon and superfluous terms in the business world. Using form factor in lieu of more banal terms like size or shape may seem impressive. It’s not. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using simple language. In fact, you’ll probably find that doing so makes you sound smarter.


What say you?

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