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Slack Tip #5: Quickly Edit Your Last Message

Scroll no more.
Jun | 3 | 2020

Jun | 3 | 2020 | }
Slack power users often invoke keyboard shortcuts and command-line access to save time.

Yes, Slack lets you edit your previous messages. Take that, e-mail!

Here’s a quick trick to let you edit your most recent message in a channel or a thread.

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  1. Daniel Sorak

    This apparently no longer works with the latest Slack release, which is really annoying.

  2. Daniel Sorak

    Please ignore that last comment – apparently there is some circumstance in which this no longer works, but I tried it just now (I have been relying on this trick for a long time now) and it worked. When it wasn’t working, all that happened was that it highlighted the message, but did not go into edit mode. Subsequent up-arrow presses simply highlighted messages further up the list. I don’t think it was a time-out, because I did try it in a timely manner, but did click around the interface before doing so. Still, it would be nice to know what caused it to fail.


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