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Rehearsing to Rehearse

A few lessons from the Canadian power trio on the value of practice.
Feb | 17 | 2012

Feb | 17 | 2012

There’s a reason that the members of Rush are considered some of the most accomplished musicians on the planet. Natural ability? No doubt. But that’s not the whole story.

Even to this day, the guys continue to practice and experiment while many other musicians just mail it in. I’m not talking about rehearsing for a few weeks before the band goes on tour. As drummer and lyricist Neil Peart explains in this recent interview, they actually rehearse independently for a few months before “formally” rehearsing for a few months. In effect, they rehearse to rehearse. Even as they approach 60, they still want to get better—and live up to (no, exceed) the ridiculously high live standards they have set since the mid-1970s.

As a writer, I can churn out what I think is good copy in short periods of time. Why? Sure, I enjoy it, but that’s not it. Creative folks have to keep at our craft.

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  1. dankeldsen

    Phil – Exactly… and if (arguably) the best drummer on the planet continues to work to improve, surely the rest of us can do the same, eh?

    BTW – the new Van Halen album is pretty amazing too… the magic is back, finally!


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