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PGI Interview on Message Not Received

Ineffective workplace communication confuses people and causes them to tune out.
Apr | 24 | 2015

Apr | 24 | 2015

I recently did an interview with Josh Erwin of PGi on my new book. Here’s an excerpt.

JE: What was your goal with Message Not Received?

PS: There are a ton of books out there about collaboration, language, and technology, but I hadn’t seen a book that explored them all together.

It’s also one of the first books written about several things—more contemporary collaboration tools, communication, language, and business.

It’s also important to note what the book isn’t. It’s not a guide to grammatical style or the best ways to write business e-mail. Rather it sums up the trends that result in overwhelmed employees. E-mail is not a particularly good way of communicating as a default mechanism. Jargon is the same; bombarding already confused employees with confusing language isn’t going to help.

All of that ineffective workplace communication does three things: confuses people, makes them feel stupid, and causes them to tune out. None of that is a desired outcome.

How we’re working isn’t working.

We’ve been battling with communication forever. My goal with this book was to challenge people to think about the way we communicate at work. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: How we’re working isn’t working.

Read the whole thing here.


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