Has Apple Lost its Mojo?

Is the effect of Steve Jobs' loss finally being felt through Apple fanboy land?

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appleJohn Battelle caused quite a stir with his recent anti-Apple rant. It’s worth reading and checking out the comments.

Is he on point? Sure, but Battelle admits that he’s not a typical Apple user, what with 10,000 contacts–a mind-boggling number.

I’d agree with Battelle on the notion that all platforms have their problems. I’m not an iCal or Apple email user but I find it tough to swallow the notion that Apple can handle contacts and email better than contact-specific apps and Gmail. I could be wrong. I’d argue that there’s still no one best-of-breed app, platform, device, or service across the board. For now and the foreseeable future, we’ll face a choice: deal with multiple platforms or stay with one–and face some restrictions and difficulties.




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