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How the Yammer Deal Benefits JIVE

Understanding Microsoft's latest acquisition in the context of a "more social" business.
Jun | 27 | 2012

Jun | 27 | 2012

If SharePoint was the bees’ knees, then why did Microsoft just drop $1.2 billion on Yammer?

Microsoft is all but admitting that its attempt at social software was, in a word, clunky. I’ve used SharePoint with some clients and, last time I checked, it required a good deal of setup. It’s not web-based, begging-to-go-viral like Yammer.

Simon Says: This isn’t 1998

Look for JIVE Software and its ilk to benefit from the Yammer deal. My rationale: This isn’t 1998. Many companies today have never been, are not now, and will never be Microsoft shops. As such, they will be looking to go in a different direction since independent Yammer’s days are numbered. I can’t see too many companies switching to Office specifically because of Yammer. Cramming Office with Yammer features isn’t going to sit well with many small business owners who have made the conscious decision to not use Microsoft products.

Yammer may turn out to benefit Microsoft but I’d wager that web-friendly social business alternatives should see a spike in interest over the next few months. Choices abound in the Age of the Platform.


What say you?


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