The Short(er) Long Term

Long-term thinking is much shorter in the Age of the Platform.

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Eric Jackson on Forbes writes about some pretty uncanny ways in which Google resembles Microsoft circa 1999. To me, this is kind of like comparing the assassinations of Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln.

Eerie similarities, but I don’t believe that the Google brass is nearly as complacent as Microsoft in 1999. Remember, Apple was all but dead then and Netscape was the only thing resembling a rival back then.

Google was built on disintermediation and disruption and the company is not taking its dominance in search for granted. Look at the different planks in its platform. Google is trying to be so much more than search. Whether it’s ultimately successful is anyone’s guess, but Larry and Sergey understand that the world in five years probably won’t look too much like the world today.

In the Age of the Platform, the long-term is much shorter.




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