Twitter 2.0: Becoming More “Platformy”

Twitter is growing up before our eyes—and smartly copying others.
Jan | 30 | 2012

Jan | 30 | 2012

platform450You’ve probably seen Twitter’s new home page by now. It’s, well, different.

But that’s not the last of the changes coming to Twitter–and soon. Taking a cue from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, Amazon is becoming more “platformy.” That is, it’s adding apps, tabs, and other enhancements designed to keep users on its platform for longer periods of time.

This isn’t entirely surprising. We know that Twitter already makes it API open for developers to take in different directions. Many do. But adding iFrames and other developing technologies is just plain smart. Isn’t it sill for Twitter force you to go to another site to enjoy video or audio content? Why can’t I play a game while on the Twitter platform?

Will Twitter apps be big? I’d bet on it. This can only help the company as it builds out its platform.

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