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15 Minutes With Seth Godin

Watch my interview with the best-selling author.
Mar | 7 | 2011

Mar | 7 | 2011

I recently sat down with bestselling author, provocateur, and speaker Seth Godin to discuss a wide variety of topics, including:


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  1. Randy Cantrell

    Good job, Phil. As usual Seth is perhaps the MOST thought-provoking guy out there.

  2. Jim Harris

    Great job with the questions, Phil.

    Fascinating interview with a fascinating guy . . . oh, and Seth Godin was pretty good, too 🙂

  3. Garnie Bolling

    awesome, wonderful, and meaningful. Thanks for doing this.

  4. Garnie Bolling

    Classic, how many Seth’s does it take to change a light bulb… funny !

  5. Phil Simon

    Thanks for the comments, all. Yeah, he’s crazy smart.

  6. Anonymous

    Well done, Phil! 😉 I love the way we are all able to spread ideas which matters. Keep on shipping. Greetings from Slovakia.

  7. Coaching with John Komatsoulis

    The best 15 minutes I have ever spent.

    You asked some great questions Phil and it was nice to see you laugh and smile 🙂
    Seth does bring up some great points, and I look forward to reading his new book.

    I tried to access the audio, but was redirected to FileDen.
    Do I need to sign up for this service to access the audio?


  8. Jessica Levin

    Great interview! Here’s an interesting observation and shyness. Even Seth Godin seemed nervous at the beginning and once he got into talking about his passion, the interview totally changed. Thans for sharing and I am happy to connect with you.

  9. JB

    Great interview with Seth. I can relate to having to get permission from someone, anyone who would look to validate what I do. The Internet gives me the permission too do anything I want to do and more. I just put both yours and Seth’s book on my Linkedin reading list. Thanks again

  10. Aaron Goldfarb

    Terrific interview, Phil! Nicely done.


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