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Early Thoughts on the iPad

Some musings on my new toy.
Nov | 18 | 2013

Nov | 18 | 2013

ipadI’ve had my new iPad for a few weeks now and it’s time to give some feedback. I really like it, but …

  • Buying Kindle books isn’t nearly as frictionless as it should be. You can’t just read a sample of a book in the Kindle app and then buy the rest. Rather, you must exit the application and buy it from a browser. Of course, this isn’t an Amazon limitation. I’ll bet you $100 that Apple removed “buy now” functionality in the app for users read samples of Kindle books. Annoying, but I understand Apple’s desire to push iBooks.
  • Watching DVDs on your iPad isn’t as easy as it should be. Yes, you can noodle with HandBrake and create M4P files to play in iTunes, but it’s a clunky process that doesn’t always work. Seems like this problem should be solved at some point.
  • Riddle me this: Why can I stream Amazon Prime movies for free but only download movies that I pay to watch? I’d love a simple button to temporarily download a movie. Again, this might be by design. The simplest way to watch movies (sans WiFi) is to download them via iTunes.
  • Battery life is good but, like the iPhone 5 and 5s, you’re best off turning off a few of the battery-sucking options.
  • Voice dictation with iOS 7 is great.

Brass tacks: this is a great device. I’m glad that I waited. It seems like the iPad has evolved tremendously since its inception.


What say you? Do you own an iPad? Any tips?

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  1. Andrew Lombardi

    1. The issue you’re seeing with buying a book on the Kindle is that apple requires any money exchange to incur a 30% cut to Apple. In order to comply and have an easier Buy Now functionality they’d have to use Apple’s in-app purchase system.

    2. Answer: DVDs are dead. I know of not a single mobile device that allows you to play a spinning disc any longer. Heck, 90% of the laptops and desktops that Apple sells now don’t have movable parts any longer

    3. No idea how an apparent Amazon Prime limitation has anything to do with the iPad?

    Curious to find out which model you get, I was looking at the top of the line, biggest data possible version

    • Phil Simon

      I got the Air. I resisted the prior incarnations.


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