On Macs and Facial Expressions

Understanding the genius of Apple.

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A funny thing happened to me the other day while tooling around the Town Square Apple store in Las Vegas. While waiting for an answer to a question, I looked around at people using the store’s computers, iPads, and iPhones. Something hit me.

These people were smiling.

They weren’t struggling with command prompts, driver errors, and inexplicable error messages. They were creating videos, surfing the web, and playing around with different applications.

Now, had I spent time at the Genius Bar, I’m sure that I would have seen different facial expressions and even a little profanity. After all, that’s where people go when they have problems. But there’s a tangible energy in Mac stores that I have not seen in any other retail outfits. Ever.

Questions are more likely to be “How do I do this?” rather than “Why can’t I do that?”

And, in a few words, that is the genius of Apple.




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  1. Terri Griffith

    I have the perfect natural experiment for you. At my local mall the Apple Store has been joined by a Microsoft store directly across the hall….


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