Help: A Call for Case Studies

I need some help for the new book.
Jul | 2 | 2010

Jul | 2 | 2010

Updated 07.19.2010

Thanks for the responses, retweets, and Facebook likes. I have had more than I can handle.

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Call me silly. Call me delusional. Call me stubborn. I can take it. As a technology consultant, I have been called much worse. Just don’t call me Verizon. (You see what happens, Verizon?) Because of your apathetic, exceedingly difficult, and anachronistic customer service, you have now:

  • lost me as a customer
  • incurred the wrath of a guy with a really big mouth
  • become a routine punchline on my site

How you like them apples?

But I digress. I mentioned something about calling me silly. Oh, right …

I am writing a third book, an act that some would consider foolish in this day and age. At a high level, it will focus on how small businesses are successfully using emerging technologies such as cloud computing, SaaS, social networks, mobility, etc. For those of you who have read any of my books, posts, or articles, you know that I am big fan of stories. To that end, the book be rife with case studies and examples.

This is where I need some help. At the risk of being really formal, consider a few questions:

  • Have you recently worked with or for a small business–either as a consultant or employee?
  • Did your work entail emerging technologies?
  • Was the project able to circumvent the problems of traditional technology deployments? Did you get a decent bang for your buck?
  • Are you able to go on record? I ask because I really want to use the real names of people, organizations, and vendors. By way of comparison, I had to use pseudonyms for the case studies in my first book.

If the answers to these questions are yes, then let’s chat.

How do we start?

Feel free to contact me directly.

You mean that you’re giving me homework?

No, I don’t expect you to submit case studies to me. We’ll have a conversation and I’ll write it up.

What’s in it for you?

I’ll send you a copy of the book for your trouble.

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  1. Phil Ayres

    Hi Phil
    I love the blog. I dropped you an email, re: the fact that my company probably wouldn’t even exist without the cloud. Let me know if you’d like to chat – even if its not about a case study…


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