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Aug | 15 | 2015

Aug | 15 | 2015

For more than 20 years now, I have been educating people in a wide variety of capacities. I started in academic settings. I tutored students after college and then worked as a teaching assistant (TA) in grad school. On a professional level, I taught classes on sexual harassment in my HR days and moved on to classes on enterprise software applications. In hindsight, teaching served as excellent training for public speaking.

Let the learning begin.

Fundamentally, I enjoy learning new things, sharing my knowledge with others, and solving problems. There’s a part of me that misses teaching. I’ve looked in to becoming an adjunct professor a few times over the years and, moreover, teaching is something that I’d really like to do under the right circumstances. In an era of MOOCs and online learning “platforms” such as Udemy and Coursera, though, it’s folly to think that learning only occurs in a classroom today. On the contrary, there have never been more ways to acquire knowledge and put it to use.

To this end, I will start holding office hours: free, 30-minute, zero-obligation sessions in which you can pick my brain about whatever topic you like. I envision the sessions as two-way conversations/dialogues, not stodgy lectures/monologues.

I’m going to test this for three months. If it’s successful, then I’ll continue it.

I put together a little FAQ that explains the particulars.

Let the learning begin.

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