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Publication of Revised Edition of Why New Systems Fail

A vastly improved version of my first book is out.
Mar | 3 | 2010

Why New Systems Fail450On my site, I strive to provide a good deal of non-promotional, meaningful content related to technology, consulting, project management, writing, etc. I’m just not interesting enough to overtly promote myself every day. Hopefully I succeed in that regard.

But sometimes I post something that really is all about me. There’s just no way of sugarcoating it.

Today is one of those days.

I am very pleased to announce the publication of the new edition of my first book, Why New Systems Fail.

What’s different in this edition?

Quite a bit. You can check out the preface here. In general, it’s a much more robust, polished product than its predecessor.

Is there a very quick way for me to learn what the book is about?

Yes. Watch the book trailer.

You’re not taking yourself too seriously in this one, are you?

I sure hope not.


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