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My Most Popular Posts of 2016

A look back at what resonated with my readers this past year.
Dec | 21 | 2016

Dec | 21 | 2016 | }

Before hitting the publish button, no writer knows which posts will find an audience and which will find crickets. Sure, there are plenty of headline-analysis tools out there, but make no mistake: blogging still inheres a great deal of unpredictability.

Blogging still inheres a great deal of unpredictability.

Plenty of times, I’ve penned what I thought was a pretty solid musing only to find its page views wanting. By the same token, some of my fairly prosaic posts have garnered far more traffic than I would have expected.

Without further ado, here’s a list of my most popular posts from this year:

  1. Reporting vs. Analytics
  2. Big Data and Teenage Sex
  3. Why I Quit the Web‑Design Business
  4. Which Is Better? Role‑ or Process‑Based Training?
  5. Five Tips for a Successful CRP
  6. Working with Partners: The Case for Actually Talking
  7. Kranzberg’s Six Laws of Technology
  8. Poker, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data
  9. 6 Radical Ways to Reduce E‑Mail
  10. Dilbert and Big Data

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