NFT of Signed Reimagining Collaboration Cover

I'm getting in on the craze.

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If you haven’t heard of non-fungible tokens, I suspect that you will soon. I’ve been learning about them over the past few months, and the potential impresses me. (My doppelgänger Prof G’s recent YouTube show and this Planet Money pod were particularly enlightening) For instance, some bands believe that they represent the future of music.

To this end, I’d decided to create an NFT for a digitally signed cover of Reimagining Collaboration. If this goes well with this experiment, then I may do the same for the other books in my cannon.

No, I’m not expecting to fetch a price comparable to that of the first tweet, never mind Beeple. Still, the geek in me likes experimenting with these types of things. A recent conversation with my friend Alan Berkson clinched it.

It can be yours for 0.3 Ethereum.

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