A Few Sample Pages From The Visual Organization

Interactive dataviz lets us ask iterative and better questions.

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The Visual Organization squareThe new book has been laid out. It’s about to be proofread and indexed. Endorsement requests are out.

Here’s a small text sample:

I would add that, for the purposes of understanding large, unpredictable datasets, interactive data visualizations are generally superior to static infographics, dashboards, and standard reports. (I should know. I’ve designed thousands of the latter in my consulting career for my clients.) By definition, presenting even Small Data in predetermined, static, noninteractive formats limits what users can do with–and ultimately get from—data. This has always been the case. In other words, these types of formats generally preclude people from interacting with the data.* They can’t drill down and around. They can’t explore, nor can they ask iterative and better questions, and ultimately find answers.

For pictures of a few sample pages, see the gallery below:

We’re still on target for a March release. It’s been on Amazon for a few months now. Consider checking the book out. It doesn’t suck. I promise.




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