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Audiobook Version of Reimagining Collaboration

Listen to an excerpt from my 11th book.
Mar | 14 | 2021

Mar | 14 | 2021

Audiobook fans rejoice.

You can now listen to Reimagining Collaboration if that’s your thing. As of today, it is live on Apple Books, Kobo, ChirpBooks, and Google Play.1I suspect that it will drop on the other sites and stores in the coming days.

Here’s a one-chapter excerpt. Props to rock star Gary Bennett and his dulcet tones. Dude makes me seem smart.

Buy the book by clicking on one of the links below.

A Note on the Audible Version: Updated April 9, 2021

After a delay of a few weeks, Reimagining Collaboration is now live on Audible. One little victory ...


  1. I’m going to bring Audible up with Jeff the next time he calls.

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