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An update about the look and feel of this site.

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paintEvery so often, it behooves you to blow up your current website. I see sites designed in the early 2000s that haven’t appreciably changed since then. That may work for plumbers, but certainly not for people like me.

Generally speaking, I’m no fan of stasis. To this end, over the next two weeks, I’ll be redesigning this site.

With more than 900 posts, my site contains a great deal of what I hope is useful content. The tags, categories, related posts, icons, and search bar make it relatively easy to find what you want. Ditto for videos.

I’m no fan of stasis.

Still, it’s easy to get a bit tired of your site when you work on it at every day. This is especially true for the home page. It contains too much content. It needs to be “thinner” and flatter. Beyond that, in 2015, I’ll be releasing Message Not Received. The home page needs to reflect the different communication services I’ll be launching and promoting.

It’s also time for some new, starker colors. I’m not going all Punky Brewster, but it’s time for a new skin.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see. At a high level, I know what I’m going to do, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.




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