Collaboration and Singing

Thoughts on the relationship between the two.

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Last night I was rewatching “The Hot Towel”, an episode from season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm. To make a long story short, protagonist Larry isn’t too fond of a teenager’s singing and gets involved in his own inimitable way.

Watch for yourself.

Whether you agree with Larry is your call.1 Still, there’s no doubt that just about everyone can sing. The question is, Can you sing well? I certainly can’t.

Are you embracing new collaboration tools?

The same hold true with public speaking and, as I thought about it, collaboration. Six months into a pandemic, I wonder how many people are really collaborating well. Specifically:

  • Are the attempting to replicate every aspect of their previous work lives?
  • Are they embracing new collaboration tools or are they continuing to rely upon old stalwarts?
  • Is more of their work asynchronous?
  • How have they changed their work schedules?
  • Have they made progress since April?
  • Are they more productive and collaborative or just busier?

These are just a few of the questions on my mind as I work on the new book.

Simon Says: Work has changed. Has the way that you collaborate remained the same?

Working from home won’t last forever. Still, it’s not hard to envision a hybrid future of work—one that requires new tools and, more important, a new mindset.


What say you?


  1. For the record, I don’t.




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