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Reflections on the Six-Month Anniversary of The Age of the Platform

Reflections half a year later.
Apr | 26 | 2012

Apr | 26 | 2012

platformI’m sitting in my backyard yesterday in quite the pensive mood. I’m thinking about the last six months, not coincidentally the amount of time since The Age of the Platform dropped. Without a doubt, there have been personal highs and lows. If there’s been one thing that has sustained me through the latter, it’s this:

I’m right. The Age of the Platform is here.

Think about it. Platforms are everywhere. New ones are being launched almost on a daily basis. Mature companies like SAP are trying to get on the platform train and redefine their offerings in terms of platforms and ecosystems. Apple is, well, Apple—the platform king. Startups like Udemy and Kickstarter are billing themselves as exciting platforms. TED-ed (yes, that TED) just launched a new online education platform.

I’m more encouraged than ever, especially with some recent successes.

A Seminal Business Text

Call me arrogant, but I honestly believe that in three to five years, people will look back at The Age of the Platform as a seminal business text. While the players, technologies, partnerships, and issues will invariably change, the importance of the platform as the most important business model of the day will continue to grow. I’m excited to be knee-deep in this space.

My mission for foreseeable future is to continue spreading the platform gospel. Platforms aren’t going anywhere, even if far too many people use the term in ways that confuse more than convey. I still have a great deal of education to do.

Good thing that I’m stubborn and I understand the importance of platforms.

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