Why I Never Describe Myself as Results-Oriented

Call me persnickety, but this trite phrase really grinds my gears.
Nov | 1 | 2021

Nov | 1 | 2021
It’s been a while since I ranted about jargon, but I just couldn’t resist.

It seems like one-quarter of the LinkedIn profiles I see contain today the phrase results-oriented.

Maybe it’s just me. What does Google Trends have to say on the matter?

Touché, Google. Cue Demming quote. To be fair, though, I’d be amazed if the search engine could crawl LinkedIn profiles because the company prohibits it. Anyway, I digress …

To me, the phrase results-oriented is as trite as hard-working or forward-looking.

Aren’t these qualities implied? To that end, how absurd is the following counterfactual?

Backward-looking slacker lacking anything remotely resembling a track record of achieving results even in slow environments.

I’m no recruiter, but I would much rather read applicants’ accomplishments to determine if they’re results-oriented or not.

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