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What's up with book number nine.

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I haven’t posted in a while but there’s a good reason: I’m knee-deep in writing Slack For Dummies.

As of today, I’m at about 63,000 words on the manuscript that will ultimately run about 80,000. My acquisitions editor at Wiley tells me that I’m insanely ahead of the normal pace1 and we may move up the publication date by a few months.

This is all very intentional. I start teaching a half-semester dataviz class and I’ll be doing some speaking events this fall. Beyond that, I’m close to signing a deal to ghostwrite a full-length business text. Oh, and there’s El Camino—a movie that I’ll probably watch daily for at least a week. Finally, it’s still pretty toasty in Phoenix.

Other Notes

I still have room for some examples in the book but space is filling up fast. Let me know if your organization uses Slack in an innovative way.

With all of the figures, I’m glad that this will be a full-color book.

The book should hit Amazon this week. I’ll post pre-ordering information. Also, I expect to see the preliminary book cover soon. The one in this post is clearly a placeholder.

Back to the grind.


  1. Normal and I never got along.




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