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Enterprise Data Issues

Data issues in the context of my first book.
Apr | 27 | 2010

Apr | 27 | 2010

MicrophonesDylan Jones has posted interview in which I discuss data issues and my first book, Why New Systems Fail.

Here’s an excerpt:

Data Quality Pro: Bloor Research uncovered some interesting findings in their industry survey recently. They found that the failure rate was extremely high. What do you feel is preventing these companies learning from their mistakes?

Phil Simon: In a word, experience. Many of my clients have never been through a major new system implementation before. Most have never replaced their legacy back office systems with one integrated solution, at least with current staff members and levels. Such a project is obviously much more time-consuming than a minor upgrade of a stand-alone application that isn’t really connected to anything else.

To read the entire interview, click here.


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