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How AMC Keeps the Conversation Going

How AMC keeps the juice flowing on Breaking Bad.
Jul | 5 | 2011

Jul | 5 | 2011

Many businesses struggle with keeping the conversation going. After all, it’s expensive to hire a full-time blogger, social media “expert”, or community manager, right?

Actually, it isn’t, especially when you crowdsource. Why not have your fans buzzing about your product or service or even TV show?

This is exactly what AMC does with its superb show Breaking Bad. The show’s site is exceptionally well done, rife with content, and extremely social. For instance, AMC recently ran a contest in which fans (like me) could upload videos about why they love the show.

Spoiler: AMC chose my video. That didn’t suck.

Simon Says

Brass tacks: You can spend a great deal of money telling people to do something, but that’s much less effective than it was in the 1950s. Or you could create an amazing show, build a tribe, and have them recruit others.

Which do you think is more effective?


What say you?


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