AllAnalytics Interview on The Visual Organization

My 35-minute interview on the new book is now live.

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I was recently a guest on AllAnalytics Radio. I spoke about the new book and how organizations can embrace comtemporary dataviz. I threw in some examples from the book, like Netflix and Wedgies.

Questions include:

  • Why did you decide to write the book…and why now?
  • You start the book’s intro with a quote from Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Can you explain that?
  • You suggest many—if not most—companies aren’t prepared for data visualization. Why not? And, what does it take to get ready for data visualization?
  • What is “The Visual Organization?”
  • What is a visual mind-set? Is this something that a person can grow into or is it more innate?

Listen to the whole interview here.




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