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On old mind-sets, new technologies, and the wrong questions to ask.

I was talking the other day to a friend of mine recently starting his own company when he asked me the following fairly innocuous question:

How do I e-mail a PowerPoint presentation while protecting it?

My friend merely wanted to protect his intellectual property. Fair enough, although I told him that just about every means of locking down a document could be circumvented one way or another. But why the focus on email?

Stop thinking about old tools like e-mail.

Instead, why not put it on your site via Scribd, set desired permissions, and draw people to your new (and content-challenged) site? They may actually stay there and share that presentationโ€”and othersโ€”with people in their tribes. You may get discovered by others. Who knows what will happen? Not me.

Simon Says

To the web-challenged, here’s some unsolicited advice: Stop thinking about old tools like e-mail. Start thinking web. It’s not going anywhere.




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