Three Ways to Learn

Why a hybrid approach is best.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re picking up an instrument, learning a new language, or figuring out how to start a new business.

There are three ways to learn how to do something:

  1. In a vacuum by reading books, watching videos, etc.
  2. Out in the “real” world by doing it–aka experiential learning.
  3. A hybrid approach, doing a bit of both.

I subscribe to this third way—and I’m not alone. My friend Todd Hamilton is a fellow acolyte. We realize the limitations of learning in isolation. You have to get out there.

But if you just get out there without an existing framework, you’ll have to learn everything for yourself. You’ll make too many mistakes. Your learning curve will be unnecessarily steep. You’ll deprive yourself of centuries of valuable insights.

The trick is to balance the first two types of learning.–and realize that you’re never finished.




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